Top 5 New Crazy Tech Inventions 2017

Top 5 New Crazy Tech Inventions 2017

Specdrums are app-connected rings that turn the world's colors into your own personal sound machine. They let you create beats and melodies by tapping on anything with color, such as your clothes, our 12-color keyboard, or any objects you find around you. You can even draw and print out your own Specdrums instruments.

Understand what's disrupting your sleep and how to fix it. Discover techniques, tips, and products specific to you. EverSleep gives hospital-grade measurements to you at home without doctors, clinics, or prescriptions. Continuously monitor blood oxygen, pulse, snoring, motion, and respiratory function. 

Arrow is the world's first smartwatch with a 360° rotatable 1080P HD camera. Arrow is meticulously engineered for functionality, while designed to be versatile with any style & is compatible with Android & iOS smartphones.

Hands-free calls, texts, fitness tracking and music on the go - Custom alerts, reminders, events, calendar, weather and social media— Capture, record, edit & share instantly. With it's integrated camera, Arrow reimagines the way you'll use a smartwatch. 

From an external point of view, the Passport Global looks like your typical adapter, especially those that offer multiple geographic socket support. As well as the self-resetting fuse, Zendure has a few other tricks up its sleeve, including four USB ports alongside the usual AC output. We have 5A running through the four USB ports, and 6A through the main AC output, which should be more than enough for laptop, camera, tablet, and smartphone charging.

I-Ride is a new eBoard to hit Indiegogo today with a shape sure to catch your eyes. Made of aluminium, I-Ride's unique shape promises stability and durability unlike any other board. The company behind the eBoard, I-Ride Technologies, explains that this special footing position keeps most of the rider's weight directly above the wheels for balance, which prevents the board from flipping over. So, riders get the stability of a longboard, but the portability of a penny board. This is especially helpful for those new to eBoards. 

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