Top 5 Coolest Pet Gadgets You MUST HAVE

Top 5 Coolest Pet Gadgets You MUST HAVE

Wi-fi Bowl with smart scale for cats and dogs. Helps you measure and pour the right portions, every time. 

Findster Duo tracks your pets' location using GPS with no data fees, and rewards you for keeping them healthy! Smart. Connected. Fun. 

 Includes Wifi Camera for video chat, Amazon delivery, pet health analyzer, weight control, diet transition planning, and more.

GoBone is an entertainment device made for you and your dog. Automatically keep your pup active while you're busy. Enjoy new ways to play when you're together via app control. 

You and your cat can enjoy having a litter box that's always clean. The PetSafe® Simply Clean Litter Box System is an innovative, self-cleaning litter box that cleans continuously and automatically. Its quiet, slow-moving conveyor system constantly sifts the litter and removes waste, making one full rotation every hour. All you need is clumping cat litter and recycled plastic bags for a fast, affordable cleanup. Cats up to 15 pounds can easily fit in the Simply Clean Litter Box, and it's also great for multi-cat homes. 

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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