5 Amazing Car Gadgets 2017

5 Amazing Car Gadgets 2017

The world's first assistant for staying connected to your digital life at the wheel. Chris listens and talks to you, like a friend. 

Take your safety on the road seriously with the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor. This clever device can accurately determine if your tires need some extra TLC before you hit the road. ZUS takes on the challenge that many drivers face: we don't know when a tire is actually dangerous. 

 UltraDuo Z2 records traffic with 2 lenses! Providing solution to driving safety, one car at a time

Prolong the life of your car using nanoparticles developed with DoE, NASA, & NSF. 

 The Ultimate Tool for Taking Control of Your Car. Learn about the inner workings of your ride and customize it with Macchina's M2 hardware, an open and versatile development platform.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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